Monday, September 3, 2012

Elegant Wedding Dresses for a Red Autumn Wedding

autumn wedding
The gold season autumn is coming. Inspired by the warm temperature and romantic landscape, many couples would like hold a romantic wedding in this harvest time. In order to coordinate with the flame red maple leaves, many lovers tend to apply red as the theme of their autumn weddings. Elegant white wedding dress is of cause suitable for the red autumn wedding. However, it cannot perfect the wedding theme. Let me introduce you several elegant wedding dress which can just match well with your red wedding theme.

wedding dress with color accent
Organza One-Shoulder Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress
Many brides insist to wear a traditional white wedding dress because of its purity. This is acceptable, as long as you decorate the white wedding dress with some simple red accents, like an elegant red sash, a sweet red bow, or exquisite red hemlines, and so on. These simple red accents not only won’t influence and elegance and purity of your white wedding dress, but also can add eye-catching appeal.

vera wang 2013 wedding dress

If you get tired with the pure white wedding dress and want some creative differences, you may choose an all-red wedding dress, which can stand out your red theme strongly. The famous designer Vera Wang just offers a diverse range of red wedding dresses in her 2013 bridal collection. The bold elegant red wedding dress must create brilliant scenery for your red autumn wedding.

pink wedding dress
Maybe you do not have enough courage to have a try of flame red or wine red wedding dress. Then, romantic pink wedding dress is absolutely a good choice. The dreamy color can also fit in your red wedding, bringing the fall flavor inside your wedding.


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