Friday, January 4, 2013

Elegant Wedding Dresses with Straps Design

Tulle V-Neck Empire Elegant Wedding Dress
Tulle V-Neck Empire Elegant Wedding Dress
Many brides prefer strapless wedding dresses, as they are popular and show both sexiness and elegance. But according to the latest fashion trendy, dresses with straps or the strappy design are very hot. Here are some advantages for wedding dresses with straps design.

First of all, the straps design could balance the dress with full skirt. Wedding dresses with full skirts are one of the favorite silhouettes a bride may choose. And it will look unbalanced if the dress is a strapless one. It will look a little bare around the chest and neck, especially after the ceremony if they remove their veil. In this case, a dress with straps especially with the wide ones may make up the unbalanced look.
Secondly, you must know that strappy dresses can also be slinky and sexy. Many brides have an idea that dresses with straps are more conservative than strapless designs. In reality strapless dresses require a great deal of built in support and structure to prevent the gown from slipping down at an inappropriate moment. This can limit the flow and design of the dress. A strappy dress could allow a less structured design. On the big day, the brides do not have to worry about the movement thing. You can experiment with a deeper cut cleavage or a lower back than you would be able to with a strapless gown. Many brides find that strappy dresses allow them to relax their upper body and shoulders more as they will not be worried about the gown slipping, leading to a better posture. Wide, off the shoulder straps could create a more modest look for the ceremony, especially for a church wedding. Take the elegant wedding dresses I show in this article, you will find your perfect bridal dress with straps.

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